Cruisin Buddies

Rod, Custom & Classic Car Club, Inc.

About Cruisin Buddies

Since its start nearly ten years ago, the Cruisin' Buddies Classic Car Club has grown to one of the largest and most successful community organizations in the Southern Tier of New York State. With membership swelling to well over one hundred families and individuals, a core of Officers and Board of Directors lead our official non-profit Club in supporting numerous charitable causes within our community, generally focusing upon our children. Members consistently chip in to volunteer at organized community events, fund raising activities and, of course, car shows and cruise-ins. Over the past few years, we have raised and donated 10's of thousands of dollars for the illness afflicted and financially stressed children and families in the Southern Tier. We are always available when disaster strikes to help our members and families. But the true focus of the Cruisin' Buddies Classic Car Club is our undying love and admiration for the old horseless carriage, the Classic Automobile. Every member has their favorite classic, even if they don't actually own one. That old pick up truck, a high performance Chevelle, Mustang or GTO, the old Cadillac convertible, '41 Dodge, custom hot rod or the personally designed rat rod are all part of the mystique that only a true fan of the Classic Automobile can understand and enjoy. This is our hobby and part of our life. This is the bond that holds our friendship together as buddies, Cruisin' Buddies, to be exact. Friends, Family, Charity, and the love of the Classic Automobile defines what the Cruisin' Buddies Classic Car Club ia all about.

The Story

Cruisin' Buddies Car Club in Binghamton, New York is just simply...the little car club that could. Could what, you wildly wonder? Could envision a car club that would include anyone who enjoys looking, driving, owning, or dreaming about any kind of vehicle. Could raise money, food, and warm clothing for charity. Could whip up enthusiasm from all walks of life to form a hard working, fun loving team that blossomed into a club. Could the dream become bigger and better with each passing year? "If only we could" become a dream with no boundaries and grew into "When We Could". After many years of admiring and participating in other car club events - traveling from one state to another - all phases of parades, club cruise-ins and shows were participated in and observed. Many awards and trophies were won as ideas were stored away for someday - when they could...start a club of their own. They watched for bigger and better banners, advertising techniques, parking strategies, how cars were classed and parked, what kind of awards and trophies were given out, and most of all, what kind of cars belonged to which clubs. Street rods, antiques, custom, classics, all rumbled, purred, and roared before their eyes. Every one a true treasure and valued gem to be included in their club - if only they could! The gleam of the highly polished cars mirrored the twinkle in their eyes as they said, "Of course we could". Could, would... And did. "When We Could" became a reality when the dreams of just two people, Nick Diorio and Al Hawley gave birth to the Cruisin' Buddies Car Club in April of 2001. As the fledgling Cruisin' Buddies are now starting to coordinate their own parades, cruise-ins and shows to raise funds for Local Charities, they proudly display cars from all classes and periods. From T-Buckets to Lincolns, to Subarus to Cadillacs. Club member cars range in year from 1922 to 2012. Membership also includes those who do not own any car! This unique blend of members and cars has blessed us with a variety of personalities and talents. Whatever one member can dream up - another member knows how to do it, where to get it, how to make it, or who to contact. Of all the things that Cruisin' Buddies could do - the little car club that could, couldn't stay little for long. Cruisin' Buddies has grown from 18 members to over 140 members since 2001. Every month at least one more car enthusiast joins the ranks of those who just love their cars and want to contribute an idea to make the dream bigger. Such teamwork and enthusiasm has just wet our appetites for bigger and better events for the upcoming years. We are planning monthly cruise-ins for May through September in the Binghamton area. Wish you could join us? Cruisin' Buddies Car Club invites you to visit their website for details of how to participate in all of their events and to view the calendar of events online at As we cruise on into the future Cruisin' Buddies Car Club would like to extend an invitation for all who read this article to participate in any of their events. See Ya'll Down the Road!!!